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UVP Hybridizer Oven, 230V UK + EU

Carousel for multiple bottle sizes and off-set bottle positioning Variable rotor speed 10 - 15 rpm Microprocessor controlled incubation temperature LED display for easy operation Temperature range: Ambient +10°C to 99.9°C maximum Temperature uniformity: ±0.1 °C to 68 °C Temperature accuracy: ± 0.3 °C to 68 °C Heating element: 1,250 watts Maximum power consumption: 1,210 Watt Easy to clean interior made of stainless steel Removable protective tray to allow easy cleanup of spilled media Glass door for easy viewing of samples and blocking of ß-emission from the hybridization chamber


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UVP Hybridizer Oven, 230V UK + EU

UVP Hybridizer Oven, 230V UK + EU

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