About us

About us

A company combining a real passion, with  expertise in the global supply of quality laboratory equipment.

Wherever others see problems, our scope for  providing solutions comes into play.

Our starting point is an assumption that all customers deserve a personalised but comprehensive service, designed according to their individual needs and at the same time giving them a choice!

We provide industry-leading products from many worldwide laboratory equipment manufacturers, all available together under one brand: smartlab!

Just tell us what are you looking for, and we will take care of the rest.We can provide your laboratory with all necessary equipment, consumables and furniture.

Why waste your time meeting with representatives of particular manufacturers, who only work inside the tight frameworks of fixed strategies?

Instead get in touch with one of smartlab's advisers.

One phone call is enough for us to provide you with a personalised, issue- and budget-specific offer. 

Perhaps it is difficult to believe, but that is how smartlab operates!